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imageBrown defensive second-wire grinding completion begins to show power
This season Cleveland Brown coach group was buddy, the defensive coordinator made Mike Pettine became the head of the team, but the brown defense after he came here, it did not significantly improve, good in recent weeks Brown The second line has gradually showed the performance of the paper strength. This is the same as the situation in Buffalobier, and cheap nfl jerseys from china last season Peted serves as Bill defensive coordinator, Bill's second line is poor in the upper half, only the total score of -15.3, and enter the lower half but he has protruded Gossip +22.6 high scores.

Brown's second line seems to be the same this year. In the first four games, the second-line defensive falling in the top four is sluggish, only the -12.3 score, and after the state is increased, the wonderful performance of +30.6. The biggest reason for this transformation is the status of Joe Haden, the number of Joe Haden.

In the top five games in this season, Hayden made the other party to get 329 yards in their own area, nfl jerseys and the average defensive coverage allows the other party to get 1.69 yards. Row in all the first hair horn. 61 Bit. The last four games, Hayen only let the other party successfully brought 127 yards 0 reachaes, and the average defensive coverage only allows the other party to get 0.75 yards, jump to all of the first corner silend. Brown Season next hay, if you want to grasp the quota of the season, Hayden and even the high-efficiency performance is crucial.
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