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The pandemic-driven shift to remote work has boosted consumer appetite for cloud-based computing, helping companies including Microsoft, Amazon.com Inc's cloud unit and Alphabet Inc's Google Cloud.

"OEM revenue declined 3% and Surface declined 20%," Microsoft Chief Financial Officer Amy Hood said on a call with analysts.

She added that "both were impacted by the significant supply constraints noted earlier in a good demand environment."

A global investigation published on Sunday by 17 media organisations said Pegasus had been used in attempted and successful hacks of smartphones belonging to journalists, government officials and human rights activists.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said on Tuesday that his dog Dilyn had "romantic urges" and was "endlessly at people's legs" in Downing Street.
Johnson and Carrie Symonds revealed in 2019 that they had adopted a rescued Jack Russell-cross puppy named Dilyn.

NSO says it does not know the specific identities of people against whom clients use Pegasus, but that if it receives complaints it can acquire the target lists and unilaterally shut down the software for any clients found to have abused it.

(Additional reporting by Maayan Lubell; Editing by Ari Rabinovitch, Nick Macfie, William Maclean)

TSMC signalled in July plans to build new factories in the United States and Japan amid concern over the concentration of chipmaking capability in Taiwan, which produces most of the world's most advanced chips and is geographically close to political rival China.

Analysts, however, saw the bump in Intel's outlook as driven by a strong, already-ended second quarter, and said that it pointed to a weaker final quarter of 2021.

Investors agreed, knocking 3% off the company's shares.


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Tony Bennett's Battle With Alzheimer's Disease

Tony Bennett and Lady Gaga to Pair Up for Final Shows Together - Variety

But on Sunday there was a dramatic fall in positive tests reported with a total of 29,173 new cases - adding to evidence the country may be emerging from the current wave.  

Israeli defence chief Benny Gantz met French Defence Minister Florence Parly in part to share initial findings from an Israeli government assessment of exports to France by NSO Group, which sells the Pegasus spyware.

A French lawyer for Morocco, Olivier Baratelli, said the government planned to lodge defamation lawsuits in Paris against nongovernmental organisations Amnesty International and Forbidden Stories, according to French news outlet franceinfo on Thursday.

The two groups participated in the Pegasus probe and alleged Morocco had targeted French officials for surveillance with the spyware.

One of the Israeli sources deemed it "doubtful" that new curbs would be placed on Pegasus exports, and said the objective "is to find out what happened, to look into this issue and learn lessons".


Cat owners who love to take pictures of their furry friends now have a new excuse to pull out their smartphones and take a snapshot: it may actually help the cat.

A Calgary, Alberta, animal health technology company, Sylvester.ai, has developed an app called Tably that uses the phone's camera to tell whether a feline is feeling pain.

"Microsoft's stock has made a big run since the beginning of the pandemic, and is trading at rich multiples," said Haris Anwar, senior 8tracks.com analyst at Investing.com.

"After such a powerful rally, its shares may take a breather, especially when investors are still unclear how the demand scenario will evolve in the post-pandemic environment."

"Taiwanese semiconductor companies are tailoring making chips for autos, so the chip shortage should be solved for autos in a few weeks, but other electronics' chip shortage problem persists," Pang said, adding that could delay shipments of some new model smartphones.
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