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Brown abandoned the blockbuster of JJ Watt's blocking behavior
J. J.Watt is a beast in the defensive end, but his contribution to the special group is too radical to the abandonment of Cleveland Brown, Spencer Lanning.

Watt was given two opportunities to impact Brown's abandoning groups in this game, but the result is 2 times to abandon the player foul. After the violation of the abandoned handlamp, I said: "I don't want to say that it is dirty, but I never saw similar actions in the video, I can only say that he is too close to me."

However, this foul is excluded. The game Watt has a beautiful ball in the offensive to reach the first section, wholesale cheap jerseys outlet and there is still 1 killing and 1 loss of scallion.

At present, Houston Texas is started by the original New England Patriots, Ryan Mallett, and cheap jerseys online defeated Brown in 23 to 7, and currently 5 wins and wholesale nfl jerseys 5 losses.
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