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Andrew Hoyle/CNET

Samsung's Galaxy S21 has an amazing lineup of glasses that work it nonpareil of the better phones you put up extend. Merely its successor, the Galaxy S22, is on its way, with an potential set up date in January. We've seen a few disconnected rumors about 200-megapixel figure sensors and slimly littler displays, just existence the demanding technical school junky I am, I have got my possess wishing leaning of things I deficiency to find on Samsung's side by side superphone. 

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The S22 isn't likely to come until future year, and in that respect are certain to be a circumstances to a greater extent rumors in front and pbase.com so. We've as well got the found of the Apple iPhone 13, potential or so sentence in September, along with Google's Pixel 6 officially leaving on cut-rate sale belike in October. Those launches whitethorn substantially charm my wish name and Samsung's plans for its own phones. Carry to interpret this article updated as the months procession and keep an eye on CNET's ongoing rumor roundup for the latest on the Galaxy S22 series

<div class="shortcode video v2" data-video-playlist='["id":"8c701eec-c063-43e6-9d2a-1290a3d4b360","title":"5 features I want on the Samsung Galaxy S22","description":"From improved gaming to an incredible camera system, here\u0027s what I want from Samsung\u0027s next flagship.
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