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Pony reactivates the main security Weiran Delhi
Indiana Pony announced the end of the Safety Guaralon-Langndri during this Tuesday, and cheap nfl jerseys online put it in a list of activation. This week, this week is expected to debut. Because of the use of improved medicines in September, Randri violates the alliance drug policy being banned. Originally before the game against the New York giant, the team did not activate it.

Randy's return will make the second line of the little horse more excellent, two first-proof horn, Vontae Davis, and Greg Toler, wholesale nfl jerseys from china this season is very bright. The security combination Mike Adams and Sergio Brown are not glow, especially wholesale Seattle Seahawks jerseys from china Adam, this season, his score is high. Their good condition also allows the Pony Cabano, Chuck Pagano, dare to let the defensive frontline hit four-point guard.

Landri with excellent odorism will replace Brown back to the first powerful position after returning, but considering that the performance before the ban on the ban, the coaching group may limit his previous file.
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