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Seahawks wide receiver Locket retired readme: turning life
I feel like an automobile accident. Everything is running fast, all of a sudden, everything turned into slow motion. I ran toward the cover of the ball in the direction of the Cowboys --- like a thousand times as I have done before. I pushed stop me, run to the left. A white shirt flashed.

A car accident.

I fell heavily to the ground, and heard a moment very reluctant to hear. It is said that people in the dying will see a beam of light. I did not see the light, but I heard a voice. You should be very familiar with this sound ------ When you're young, your family partying, you feel bored, bored to gently move along your aunt's red rim of the glass with your fingers in there. Is such a strange, distant sounds of ringing.

Really scary, I can not hear the fans shouting, hear my teammates. At that time I felt "bad."

I was thinking, "Well, hurry up." "It just fine."

But I get up. My whole body felt numb. I can not move my arm, unable to move the head. I can not speak.

The only thing I was active in my eyes. I'm thinking:

I'm deaf?

I'm paralyzed yet?

What happened?

I'm going to die?

Any person, I beg you to help me.

At that time, I felt completely helpless. What kind of a feeling? You have experienced sleep paralysis do? Imagine you wake up in the morning dreaming, you can hear the people in the house while doing breakfast while talking and laughing, but you can not move in bed. No matter how you try, you just can not get up. You are trapped in awake and asleep in two stages.

Therefore, if you are trapped in your body and the world around you still turn. It is this feeling that time ---- course I am not in bed. I lay 50 yards at the Cowboys stadium, surrounded by 90,000 fans.

I muttered to myself, "Lord, ah, you please help me. I know I can be here for a reason. If you help me stand up, I'm going to change lives."

This is my life, the second time to say so.

The only thing I said once before, when I was in college. I was talking with a young woman, and he's boyfriend came with a gun pointed at me. This is a revolver, so I could see the barrel of a gun bullet. I do not know that I would not die.

I was staring at the barrel, said, "Lord, ah, you please help me, I promise you I'm going to change the other life."

The man put down the gun, we also mediation.

Cowboys Stadium, I once again ask God to save me.

In that case, think about what things are most important to you, cars, jewelry, a big house, the Super Bowl? These are obviously meaningless. I started cheap jerseys from china nothing. From losing players to the reserve, to be laid off several times, for three consecutive years to enter the Super Bowl. I have a motto often hanging in the mouth of "a hundred dollars and a dream." When I came to the Seahawks training camp to defeat rookie, I filled a sports stadium with only a backpack of clothes, I took the glove out of Fort Valley State University, as well as $ 100.

I used to want a black Lamborghini and a house with seven bedrooms. That's my dream.

Now, all of a sudden I could not move. At that time, the only thing I wanted in the world was able to see my family again, and with my little child with both hands.

Then I realized something broke my heart to do. My daughter was still in the audience. She was 10 years old birthday. She wanted to come to Dallas to see my game. As a result, she saw her father lying motionless stadium, he was surrounded by teammates and trainers.

God, ah, you have to help me.

When your first child into the world, and you are his eyes for the first time and depending on when you never had before you will feel the warmth. Prior to this feeling did not exist before.

And I was feeling, is completely contrary ----- I never felt so cold night. When you can not move, many uncertain factors will make your mind to run 1 million miles per hour speed of. 10 minutes feel like 10 days. So, cheap jerseys from china me to the ground to be admitted to the hospital, I feel like quite come a long way.

Until the hospital, I did not know exactly what happened to me. After a few tests, the doctor told me that my spine all connections have been severely damaged ligaments and cartilage. My neck is already considered broken. If you move the trainer and emergency medical personnel to move me in the wrong direction, or a teammate tried to help me up, I may die.

My life entrusted in the hands of the people. That to me is an incredible group of people. They saved my life. Really, they saved my life.

When I woke up in the hospital bed, the big wearing a neck guard on my neck. My daughter out of the hallway, begging to come visit me. My body still wearing navy blue pants and green spikes Seahawks. I do not want her to see her father became like this. I often told her, "Your father was a rock singer, he can do anything." This is because I want her to believe that they can do anything.

I spent an hour to calm down. Then the nurse said let my daughter come in. This process should be more painful than the accident. This is the worst of my life in one hour. I wipe my eyes in tears, and then turn into "fatherly mode."

But when she came in. Oh my God. Are you aware that she is all the world. That's why I want to continue to fight it.

I said, "Do not worry, baby. Not so bad. They would use a bandage to my neck fixed, I'll be fine."

She began to cry.

I said, "Do not worry Dad'll be fine. Do you remember I told you who I am, baby?"

"You are a rock singer."

"I'm a rock star, I can do anything. You can."

She kissed my cheek, then left the room, accompanied by a nurse.

I know, this is the last time I saw my daughter her father was wearing NFL jerseys. This may be a little difficult to accept for her.

After the repair of damaged spinal surgery, and after a few weeks of rehabilitation, I was able to walk normally, and I can play basketball. But a few months later, in early May, at the age of 29 I decided to end my football career.

Carroll coach always taught us: "You live in a short fairy tale"

Your fans are not eternal

Your coach is not eternal

Your teammates, no matter how much they love you, not eternal

You live in a big house, it is not eternal

You can enjoy all of this, but these are not bring you happiness.

I did not understand the meaning of this sentence --- Carol coach until this month I pack my cupboards at home in Atlanta. My teammates preparing for the OTA, I let a lot of time people think things quietly. One day I opened the cupboard, I've seen some unnecessary things.

Good training equipment, extra shoes, Seahawks short-sleeved T-shirt hole.

I thought that since I no longer need these things, and just let them enjoy it to someone else. So I put everything into a white garbage bag, and went out. The apartment I live in the city, and the surrounding I live there are a lot of homeless people sleeping next to my building. But I'm 6 feet 2 inches tall, so most can not wear my clothes. I was carrying a bag with a shoulder and turn until I saw a big child and I almost high-age blacks. He seemed to need help. His jeans with a rope tied around the waist, and he was wearing old brown church shoes. It appears that he has not changed his shoes ten years.

So I said to him, "Man, Excuse me, you need some clothes?"

He "uh" sound, looked around, as if thinking, "Here's what scam you?"

He seemed at a loss. So, I walked up to say "here to give you some clothes, brothers. These are the clean clothes. I just want to give you."

He still did not say a word.

So I went into a step, put his bag on the side. His left cheek and his party tears.

I said, "Brother you all right, how?"

We sat on a concrete bench, he confided to me his story. He told me the pain of his past.
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