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Laser hair removal can be used on the face, arms, legs and underarms. For the arms and legs laser hair removal is best to use, since it allows you to treat large areas. It is also possible to utilize the laser to treat underarms, arms and bikini lines. There are three types of treatments available for laser treatments:

imageIn-clinic laser hair removal is perfect for persons with light skin and dark hair. The procedure is less time-consuming than shaving and there are no recovery times. After-care must be adequate. Lasers require cooling before they are used. The exact laser used will determine the length of the treatment. Ask your technician about the various kinds of lasers.

In-room laser treatments are ideal for those who desire some more long-lasting results. They typically last longer, however it may take slightly longer for darker-skinned patients. Certain lasers can reach a medium or dark blonde hair color. They can be applied to areas that might not respond well to other treatments. It is important to note that after-care is very important, as your skin can become irritated or bruised.

The most effective method of laser hair removal for men is the pulsed-dye method, which targets the hair follicles that are below the skin's surface. Pulsed dye spreads over more of a larger area so you might require several treatments over the course of many years to achieve the desired results. Depending on the thickness the hair, it may require several treatments before you are able to remove all hair.

Another option is to have an exfoliation cream used in conjunction with lasers, which can help control the growth of unwanted hairs. The cream is applied to the area to be treated after which the cream is used for soaking the area in the cream. After a few minutes , 激光脫毛 the laser is applied to the cream's top layer, which causes damage to the roots of hair follicles. Creams are less as soiled than laser treatments and can be applied in your home.

For those with light skin, especially those with red hair laser hair removal process works well. This is due to the fact that it concentrates on melanin inside the hair follicle, which is the coloring in hair that determines its shade. The process of removing hair is more difficult for those who have darker skin. The laser may be unable to reach the hair follicle entirely and allow new hairs to grow. Certain creams are suitable to remove hair and for 激光脫毛 tanning. However, they might not work as well on darker skin tones.image
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